We have a special expertise in working with small and emerging businesses as well as

minority and women owned enterprises. We prepare business start-up documents and

contracts and transactional documents and provide diversity training. We understand

that these types of business client services are an extension of the assets that business

owners seek to preserve for future generations, and we work with our clients to ensure

that they have documentation, practices, and plans in place to enhance the success of

valuable human resources and business assets for today and the future

School Districts

School Districts are becoming increasingly more diverse and require goals, strategies and institutional practices that lead to sustainable change. We have the experience that’s required to help your school district address cultural competency, equity, diversity and inclusion, and race issues. We believe in creating equitable access and opportunities for all students, teachers, district leaders and staff. We provide diversity training for employees and also work with school districts to develop equity and cultural competency plans.

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