Christiane Davis, M.B.A.

Case Management & Client Services

Christiane Davis is the Founding Director of Case Management and Client Services for The Law Offices of Teresa A. Bingman, PLLC. She steps into this role after working in a Management capacity with the UAW Legal Services Plan for the past twenty years – where she proudly served as the Human Resources Liaison, Case Management Supervisor and Training Coordinator. Exceptional Client Services is what distinguishes Christiane from others in her field. Making clients feel empowered and knowledgeable from the beginning to the end of each case is her goal.

Christiane’s in-depth knowledge of the legal system has propelled her to the top of her profession. She is expertly trained in family law, having produced documents for over 1500 cases per year while working with the legal services plan office. Beginning in 2009, Christiane has also provided top-notch case management services for hundreds of legal matters as a part-time Case Manager for the Tomlinson Law Office, LLC.

Early in her professional career, having worked in state government for ten years, Christiane established the foundation required to efficiently and professionally process high volume caseloads. She also worked on many complex and sensitive legal matters. During that time, some of her responsibilities included managing records and case files for the Office of General Counsel for the state drug bureau. She also managed the agency’s administrative hearing process and the licensing and registration of physicians and others licensed to prescribed controlled dangerous substances.

In 2014, Christiane, a long-time musician, was named Chief Operations Officer of Mindful Media, LLC, a record label in Oklahoma City that produces creative local artists looking to take their music to another level. She was one of the producers on an album titled “I Am”.

In 2009, Christiane’s passion for organizing projects, spaces and paperwork allowed her the opportunity to realize a lifelong dream by founding an Organizing Service, The Declutter Bugg. Her motto of  “there is a place for everything, and everything should be in its place” has allowed businesses, homeowners, family and friends to realize a more organized work, live, play and relaxation space.

Christiane graduated in the top ten percent of her class with a Master’s degree in Business Administration (MBA), with a concentration in Human Resource Management from the University of Phoenix. Christiane, who is active in her community, has utilized her educational experience to enhance her career and assist others to reach and achieve their educational/career goals. Also, understanding the importance of fiscal stewardship, Christiane has served as a facilitator for a Financial Literacy Course that is designed to educate and empower people to experience financial freedom and live the American Dream. She also volunteers her services to provide personal needs items and food to individuals and families who are homeless.

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